Oh what a night


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Having a quiet night in. Decided to order pizza because… well… I felt like it.

Call Izzi Pizza because they apparently have somewhat genuine pizza.  They also have a deal where if you order over Rp 500,000 of food, you get a 75 % discount.  I obviously wasn't going to order that much food.  I just wanted one pizza.  My arse doesn't need extra encouragement…

But when I rang to order a medium vegetarian pizza, it turned into a "Jakarta situation".

Phone lady: "OK, vegetarian pizza is not included tonight, but I can order you a supreme pizza with no pepperoni but extra mushroom.  It's the same as the vegetarian pizza."

Thoughts: What?  That makes no sense. Included in what?  Why can't I have a vegetarian pizza if it's the same as what she is writing down! I just want a pizza!

Me: "Umm, ok, sure that sounds fine."

PL: "But you need to order Rp 500,000 of food for the discount.  Your pizza is Rp 100,000.  If you order Rp 500,000 of food, you will only need to pay Rp 125,000."

Me: "Ok, thanks, but I only really want a pizza."

PL: "But you won't get a discount on the pizza.  Maybe you could order some salads or some pasta and some nasi goreng as well."

Me: "Umm.  I think I just want the pizza."

Thoughts:  If I order more, you will essentially make less profit on the Rp 100,000 than if you just let the stupid bule order one pizza.  I appreciate you informing me of the offer, but this is getting slightly pushy!

PL: "Are you sure?  Do you understand the discount?"

Me: "Yes, thanks.  I'm sure."

PL: (with a voice like she was talking to someone mentally challenged) "OK then.  It will be there in 45 minutes."

It was a good pizza though.  And that is a pretty good discount… if you were ordering for more than one person!

Anyway, so then I decided that I was going to make friends again with the Australia Network.  Frankly, we have had a tumultuous relationship because most of the shows on it are CRAP.  It won back some love today when I got to watch Insiders only eight hours after it aired in Australia instead of four weeks behind.  Thanks for looking out for your people overseas, TV Channel!  So, I saw that Looking for Alibrandi was showing tonight.  It's a cute coming-of-age film set in Sydney's Italian-Australian community that I adored when I was 17.  But half the film is in Italian.

For some reason, good old Australia Network that is still showing episodes of Four Corners (current affairs?) from when I was in Australia five months ago DECIDED TO REMOVE THE SUBTITLES FROM THE FILM. Lucky I know the plot, but it still detracted somewhat from the viewing experience.

Then, I was flicking and found a show called Greatest American Dog.  It was wrong on so many levels.  Read about it here.  There's some strange people in this world.

What a night.

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