Old Parliament House


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I love old buildings.  So Old Parliament House is probably my favorite Canberra building.  Dark wood floors, leather seats in the chambers, high ceilings and all.  Sure, New Parly has its own special something… it’s big.  The roof is made from grass. Etc. But Old Parly has about as much history as you can find in a city that is as young as Canberra.  It’s also home to what I think is the best museum in Canberra, the Museum of Australian Democracy. (That’s a bit of a testament to Canberra not having particularly good museums compared to other world capitals… but we also once again have a pretty short parliamentary history). I especially love the 1970s style broadcasting booths in the old Press Gallery. Groovy.

Copies of Hansard in the old Opposition Party Room

House of Reps

Unfortunately, being winter, other parts of the House were not particularly pretty… like the extensive gardens.  But I’m sure come Spring time they’ll be much more photogenic.

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