Omed-Omedan… Bali’s new year kissing festival


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I went to omed-omedan on Wednesday, a kissing festival for teenagers held in one Bali village south of Denpasar to bring harmony during the new year.

Here’s the story I wrote all about the event for the Jakarta Globe.


A lucky couple going in for the pash.

I don’t have much more to add, except that it was a lot of fun, and it was also really great to see adults organizing an event for young people in the community.  In Oz, whenever the young people have a concert or event, lots of old people whinge.  Everyone was out having fun at this traditional event with a strong youth focus and it was really lovely to see.  If the anti-porn police ever try to crack down on this, it would be ridiculous.

Ruuuuuuun!  The boys are coming!!!

That being said, if there had been a kissing festival in my town when I was a teen I’m sure I would have woken up to find myself handcuffed to my bed with my mother screaming down the hallway “not until you’ve finished your studies… boys are nothing but a distraction!”…


Smiles all around, for both the young and the old

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