Omelette a la Canberra

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In my new job, I start work at 6am, so I am up before dawn every day.  CRAZY.  I am only used to being up at that hour when I am seeing it from the other end, after a long night.  It’s really strange to be driving to work while the sky is still full of stars.

Anyway, I can’t possibly function to make breakfast at that time of morning, so during the adjustment period I have been getting home from work at about 10am so hungry.  But the good news is that it’s the perfect time for brunch!

The other day, I made this lovely thin omlette… it has eggs in it (OH RLY?), with some goats cheese, mushrooms, baby spinach leaves and a sprinkling of broken up walnuts.  It was pretty special.

I decided to call it omlette a la Canberra, because I was talking to a Greens staffer not too long ago who told me that the ACT has the highest number of Greens reps in the country in the territory government? Or the highest number of Greens voters? Or something like that? And the spinach is green.  And it’s a circle, like a roundabout and everyone knows about Canberra and its roundabouts. And I had been up since 6am and couldn’t think of anything more creative.

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  1. Wow! Your picture of Omelette a la Canberra really caught my attention to stop for a while. It’s mouth watering.