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Always check that vintage second hand bikes you have purchased have effective brakes before you take them out on the open road… even just the back streets of Sydney’s inner west.  Otherwise when the bike won’t slow up fast enough when you are approaching an intersection you might have to put your feet down in an attempt to stop and this might not work and you might end up falling off, whacking your shin on a brick edged flower bed that the local council has installed to beautify the streetscape.  Your shin may then look like a preschooler has attacked it with blue and purple paint (with a dash of yellow for good measure).  It may also hurt a lot and swell up so that it is visably puffy underneath your jeans and means you can’t wear your winter boots.  You may also hurt your ankle and the wrist that you used to break your fall, as well as your shoulder.  And you might bruise the other leg when it is attacked by the still-spinning bike pedal.

The only good thing about this situation would be showing your bruises (by far the most hideous, all encompasing and painful you have ever had in your life) to anyone who will listen to gain sympathy and reassure yourself that it isn’t really your fault and you have every right to whinge about the massive amount of pain you are in.  Which would only be exacerbated if the weather just happened to be really really cold… and rainy.  This rain, along with your bike incident related limp, could cause you to slip when hobbling back from the cafe at work, further adding to your bruises and pain.

Just some advice I thought I would pass on.  Just in case any of you were entertaining a silly idea that a vintage bike could be cute and fun.


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