Pain and suffering and woe


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I can normally find something funny in most situations.

But I had my wisdom tooth out on Wednesday and it was seriously painful.

Because I was in the chair and I only had a local anesthetic, I could see the pliers going in, feel the pressure as they ripped my tooth out of my head, see the bloodied stump disposed of and then watch them sew my gum back together.  Joyous!

Two days on, it is still really painful, my face is still really puffy and I am still on a diet of various coloured mush.  I also feel really tired from my smorgasbord of painkillers.

To make the suffering worse, because I live on the lower North Shore and the Pope was kicking around these parts yesterday, choppers were flying low over my house all day only giving me more of a headache.  More reason to hate God and his plans and shit.

So in these kinds of situations, you have to make your own fun.

Some of the best fun that can be had is through e-whinging.  I have spent the last two days curled up in bed firing emails off to offices around the city, gleaning replies full of sympathy and humor from my friends and co-workers who (I think) enjoy the distraction.

I am sure I will face some ridicule next week though because a lot of these emails have been sent while off my face on painkillers and hence they are not particularly sensical.

A particular highlight was the reaction from my work colleagues when I referred to my bleeding gum hole in an email as “menstruating from the mouth”.  They were appalled.  But really… I’m tired, irritable, emotional, in pain and was bleeding.  It’s all the same symptoms, just the wrong hole.

My lovely boss also sent me a very funny poem which was adorable, but full of in jokes otherwise I would have blogged it too.

This is another highlight.  Lovely Josh from work sent me this and it had me in such hysterics that my mouth was hurting even more.  I don’t normally post YouTube stuff on ze blog, but I’m making an exception today.

It’s just so hilarious… I can’t stop laughing about it. Especially the bit which goes

“You don’t understand. Even though I’m quite big, I can’t chew bro.”

“Well that’s very deceptive.”

“Yeah I know, it’s very misleading.”

3 Responses to " Pain and suffering and woe "

  1. heather says:

    Jesus, why the hell did you watch? That’s what they give you those ultra daggy circa-1993 sunglasses for, to block out any bloody stumps that may be traveling across your field of vision. Well, that, and to add an extra level of humiliation to an already degrading experience.

  2. Belle says:

    “I’m parched, bro”. That is so awesome.

  3. Ashlee says:

    It was like a car crash… I couldn’t drag my eyes away. Plus the control freak in me wanted to keep an eye on the dentist’s facial expressions for any sign of panic.
    Re the video… for the whole next week at work while I was still on mush, any time somebody would go to the cafe and ask around if anyone else wanted anything, I would respond with “Can’t chew bro”. That would lead to a response of “that’s deceptive”… etc.
    Or I would ask if they had any plankton. It was great. This video greatly reduced my personal suffering.