Another day, another great breakfast

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Popiah, from Kedai Kopi Baru Hari Hari Datang, which also had a sign saying Hotel Sin Chern, on Jalan Kuala Kangsar.  The street is busy in the morning, with vegetable and meat sellers.  I’ve found Georgetown to be a very sleepy place before midday, but there’s occasional pockets of activity (and food) near these morning markets.  This one was the most hopping I have seen.

This Kedai Kopi was completely crammed full at around 10am, with people eating fish head noodle soup, wan tan mee and lots of other dishes.  I’ve been wanting to try Popiah since I arrived, a fresh spring roll dish with beancurd, bean sprouts, chopped peanuts, rice vermicelli, lettuce, sweet bean sauce and chili sauce.  It was really, really tasty and I will definitely scoff up Popiah again next time I see a stall.

It was also a good spot to scope out all the action on this busy market street.


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  1. I love popiah. Reminds me of vietnamese spring rolls, yum! I might go there on this long weekend if I could get the ticket 😉