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I had been reading lots of hype about Penny University on Canberra blogs. Seeing lots of great photos. And hype hype hype.

So when little sister was in town we took a break from the multicultural festival and ventured Southside to Kingston to check it out. It was pretty impressive and nicely done. It was packed, so we were seated in the cute courtyard out back, which was pleasant enough, with its green wall, keeping the cutesy vintage theme of indoors (thankfully it was the morning so not too hot, might have been less fun out there later in the day in the recent heatwave we had).

Penny University courtyard Kingston

We were there for brunch, so obviously I needed a coffee. It was pretty good — I wasn’t blown away or anything but it was definitely a good coffee. Sister ordered avo eggs (saving me food envy because I am allergic to avocado!) and I ordered the Cazuela.

Sister brunch. No food envy since allergic to avocado.

Nom nomWe were both suitably enamored with our breakfasts. We also ordered the homemade iced teas, which were rather fabulous–the drinks menu had lots of very tempting options too, like shakes and juices.

Ice tea

All in all, it is a nice little spot. Great interior design, good food, good drinks, nice atmosphere, good service too (I was worried we would be forgotten out in the back courtyard, but thankfully not so)… but the usual Canberra hipster prices.



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