People on the North Shore can’t recycle.


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Not to make sweeping generalisations, but this is pretty true. At first I thought it was only the people in my apartment block who thought that recycling the Sydney Morning Herald in its plastic wrapper was somehow acceptable… but while walking to the train station on bin day, I noticed every single recycling tub had some kind of eco faux pas.

-Dryer lint (this is a fav in our apartment block)
-Six packs of empty Coronas, in their cardboard holding thing…. even though we have separate tubs for bottles and paper
-A computer printer. I kid you not.
-Dead flowers
-Broken thongs (like the footwear, not the undies)

Paper. Cardboard. Tins. Bottles. That’s it people. And the containers and paper must be in their designated tubs. It’s not that hard.

Is this a North Shore thing? A wealthy suburb thing? I’ve never lived anywhere with open top recycling tubs before, so I can’t really compare. But why! Is it really that hard? If you can’t recycle properly, you may as well not use the tubs at all.

End of rant.

2 Responses to " People on the North Shore can’t recycle. "

  1. Tilda says:

    I have a one more to add to the list.
    – Pizza boxes (with pizza still in it)
    Drives me NUTS.

  2. Ash says:

    Obvs you are the only other person on the North Shore who can recycle. It goes without saying!