Photo walk — Benhil


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These are from a few weeks back, when Trish, Lisa and I went for a photo walk in a kampung in Benhil.  I made some kids cry with the camera, but lots of others started following us, and the little guy in the white told us that there were animals nearby.  There was a little monkey in a cage, which I always find kinda sad. We also found a pigeon handler, pictured above, who was showing us the birds.  At one stage he offered for me to hold it or touch it.  One of my London friends words came screaming back to me “pigeons are the rats of the sky!” so I hastily said “oh, saya takut!” (I’m scared) so that the winged rat wouldn’t be held any closer!  Lisa wrote about the pigeons in one of her stories (which has lots of cool ideas for Jakarta weekends).  It was a cool walk, and as ever, the people we met were very friendly.




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