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I have entered the Canon Photo5 competition, which is this really cool photo comp where you enter and Canon sends you a box of 5 things, and you need to take a creative photo of each thing and enter it.

I have only thought of what to do with one of the five things so far. The item I have used is sticky dots. A role of yellow sticky dots was one of the things in my box, so this is the photo I entered.

Photo5- dots

The photo is called ‘breaking up is hard to do… you might end up with a hole in your heart’.

I entered the colour version, but I think I liked the black and white one a bit more because it was moody.


I hope I made the right choice. Now I just have to decide what to do with the other objects… a set of boxes, a balloon, a piece of chalk and some blue cellophane.

Check out what other more creative people are doing with their random stuff in the gallery.

PS. I know I have been on a hearts tangent lately, but don’t read anything in to it. No love here. Except for the fact that a new season of America’s Next Top Model starts in November…

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