Photoshop, how I have missed thee.


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Manniquin in an op shop

Oh, how I have missed having photoshop.  Following the combustion of my old computer last year, I have been living without it… but now I have it back, and it’s amazing… and it runs even better on a mac!  I’m going through finding some old photos that were too boring/crap to post without a photoshop boost or treatment… like the one above, which I took at an op shop at the end of last year.  A heavy crop and some PS tinkering has turned it into something cool (I think so, anyway…)

Rainy day

A heavy rainy day, through the car windscreen.  I took it ages ago while pulled over because the rain was bucketing and I couldn’t see.

Power lines in the blue sky

Blue sky and electricity poles, taken up in Rozelle the other day.  Yayayayayyyyy so happy to have photoshop back!

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