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Just thought I would post a few portraits I have taken lately at work that I am quite happy with.  Click on the photo for more information on the Flickr page.

Valerie Moss, Balmain/White Bay Precinct Committee

Valerie Moss, White Bay/Balmain Precinct Committee, at the Darling Street Wharf

Balmain author Joe Barrett

Joe Barrett, Balmain author

Santa Sabina School, Strathfield

The principal of Santa Sabina School

Kite Magic Coogee

Michael Richards from Kite Magic, Coogee

Lucas Gardens School, Canada Bay

A student at Lucas Gardens School (a school for children with disabilities) in Canada Bay

I’m putting together a set on Flickr with portraits of people I have taken.  I really admire photographers who can take amazing portraits, because you have to be so good at directing people, putting them at ease, as well as understanding light and all the technical camera stuff.  Mine were all pretty much flukes!  These are all very basic portraits, the best ones kind of bring out the soul of a person…

For more photos click these words.

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  1. Emma says:

    Ashlee, these pictures are brilliant! You are becoming an amazing photographer, I’m so impressed.