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So I haven’t posted in a week or so, and the need to stick something here which will push down the previous post (my premature bingo wings aren’t going to keep anyone’s eyes glued to the page, myself included) is increasing.

So here is something. I never said it would be good, just maybe slightly better than that last picture.

I’m having a very wordy-less week. Can’t seem to write much at work, can’t seem to speak in snappy tightly formed sentences. It’s all a bit of a mess.

Maybe my brain has been numbed by political advertising and too much procrastinating by looking at LOLCats. I can has brainpwr now pls? Maybe the evil unions stoled my mojo.

So since my lazy brain is not capable of constructing a proper post, here are some tibits.

-Since I have no man in my life right now, Max Brenner is the best I’ve got. Luckily it’s a good replacement. I especially love the make your own hot chocolate thing they sell. Pretty awesome.

-Heading to see a film at the Mexican Film Festival at the Chauvel tonight. Might tell you how it is, if I can use my words effectively.

-Britney Spears lied to us all.

-Thank GOD (and this year, it probably is the work of the man above considering the Hillsong connections) that Australian Idol is nearly over. That way, when it is off our screens, I will no longer make the mistake of actually watching it.

-Why is Channel 10 rerunning Friends episodes this summer? I hate that show. Bring back Seinfeld instead.

-If you live in Sydney, you must try a Hong Ha. One of our favourite lunch places at work. Very good. Very cheap.

-Less than a month until Christmas holidays! Yay!!!

-As a (less than) dedicated student of Teeline Shorthand, I was very excited to find a number of Teeline support groups on Facebook, including one detailing a feud between two shorthand teachers in London over the correct outline for the word ‘Asia’. One prefers an ‘s’ symbol while the other prefers ‘z’. Tense battle.

K Thx Bai.

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