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No lounging-around-in-Seminyak trip would be complete without sunset drinks at Potatohead Beach Club. I have to admit, this was my first time there! Last time I went to Bali, we opted for KuDeTa for our sunset drinking requirements, and Potatohead’s Bali outfit wasn’t around the time before that (they’ve been in Jakarta for longer, and I remember knocking back some fab cocktails at their Pacific Place restaurant in my last week in Jakarta in 2010).

It was pretty fabulous. My sister and I had a couple of cocktails each and some appetizers, then hit the gorgeous infinity pool to lap up the sunset over the sea. My earl grey-based cocktail, which was ice cold but came in a steaming teapot (dry ice creativity) was definitely the winning drink of the night, but there weren’t any disappointments on the plate, in the glass, or in the pool. And the sunset delivered as well.

Tons of photos follow. (After two cocktails I felt like it was OK to take my iPhone into the pool since everyone else was! Thankfully there were no disasters!)

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