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Potatohead is now one of my favourite restaurant/bars in Jakarta.  The food is fab.  The drinks (both alcoholic and non-alcoholic) are fab.  The decor is fun, quirky and cute.  And they have sofas OUTSIDE that you can sit on!  That's right!  Outside!  That place where there isn't airconditioning!!

I've been there at night twice before, and today went for lunch as was pleased by the offerings on the brunch/lunch menu as well.  Plus, the service is amazing when compared to Social House at Harvey Nichols… Social House has good food but SERIOUS problems with service.

Today I had the wagyu beef burger with salad on the side and sweet potato fries.  It was really yummy, and the portion size is good.  It wasn't a huge burger, just the right size.  I also had a strawberry muesli lassi, and my friend had some sort of juice.  It was all very tasty, well prepared and fresh.


During the day, the atmosphere is really different.  While at night the place is full of trendsters, at day time it's more laid back and there's even some kids running around, with slightly older kids dressed in white uniforms (usually known as nannies… seriously, there was one nanny there that looked barely older than the kid she was looking after) running after them while mum and dad enjoy the swanky sofas.


Potato Head
Pacific Place Mall (outside)
Kuningan, JakSel
(021) 5797-3322

4 Responses to " Potatohead "

  1. bob says:

    I loooveee Potato Head…. I’ve been there many times and still havent got enough of it… The design is really nice and what i like so much about it, its very original.. unlike other places where they copy and paste..
    The food is really good as well, I’ve tried most of the menu and i can honestly say i like most of it. The drinks are really amazing.. I’ve tried those type of cocktails in few restaurants in Europe, It really impresses me that they could provide and match the standard of those type of cocktails… Totally recommended!! I really think it’s the best hang out place in jakarta….

  2. Emmelyn says:

    Hi Betty! I love Potato Head too! and I am enjoying reading you blog with many familiar food places that I have visited while growing up in Jakarta, brings back fun memories with family. Enjoy Potato Head and I can’t wait to try the breakfast/bruch when I get back.

  3. omygosh yeah i totally agree social house’s service SUCKS ass. and i love potatohead its awesome. but yeah i think theyre kind of lacking of waiters too. i had to wave for like 5 minutes to get the waiter to come to our table.

  4. […] and Potatohead’s Bali outfit wasn’t around the time before that (they’ve been in Jakarta for longer, and I remember knocking back some fab cocktails at their Pacific Place restaurant in my last week […]