Pueblo Grande, Pheonix


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I went out to Phoenix, Arizona, last week to hang with my lovely teman-teman from Jakarta, Trish and Chad.  While I was visiting them, Trish and I hit up the Pueblo Grande Museum and Archaeological Park.

The museum and archeological trail were really well done, giving an insight into the lives of the ancient Hohokum peoples who lived in the area some 1,500 years ago.  The museum and trail through the ruins of a former mound or village compound combined viewing the ruins with detailed information about how the Hohokum probably lived their day to day lives and the way archeologists researched their civilization.  It was really interesting learning about them, especially the way they had built such an extensive irrigation system to sustain life in the desert.

In short, if you are ever in Phoenix, check it out!

Reconstruction of a village home.


And yes… they even had cacti!

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