‘Pulau Weh… it’s alright,’ local resident says


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We went to the ‘hot springs’ in Pulau Weh, but the water was so dirty and algae-covered none in our group of travelers would actually get in.

This little guy jumped up next to me on a wall we were sat on looking out to the coast (photo a little blurry because camera threw a brief humidity tantrum).

“Hello!” he said.

“Hello! Apa kabar?” (Hello, how are you?)

“Kabar baik! Suka Sabang missus?” (I’m good.  Do you like Sabang (alternate name for Pulau Weh) miss?)

“Iyaaa, suka sekali.  Kamu tinggal di sini Mas?” (Yes, I like it a lot! Do you live here?)

“Ya.” (Yes)

“Kelihatan enak sekali di sini.  Ada pantai dan laut, ada hutan, ada bukit-bukit. Indah sekali, kan?” (It seems very nice/comfortable here. There’s beaches and the ocean, there’s forests and mountains. It’s very beautiful, no?)

“Ya. ” He shrugs his shoulders and sighs, giving off an air of being completely nonplussed by Pulau Weh’s stunning natural assets, as if he is weighed down by something deep and troubling.

“Sedikit bagus saja. Tapi aku tak bisa berenang pada hari sekolah.” (Yeah.  It’s a little bit good. But I can’t go swimming on school days.)

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  1. Anita says:

    Ah, SWEET! I can imagine his face when you said: “mas” 😀 hahaha. Cute!