Pumpkin pie and other such joys

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It’s pumpkin time in America!  Next weekend is Halloween, and there are pumpkins everywhere.  Outside people’s houses, in the supermarkets, everywhere.

And they are also delicious.

Last night, some of my grad school friends went crazy in the kitchen with pumpkins, making a delicious pumpkin soup and *drumroll* pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin Pie

We mostly only made the pie because I wanted to try it, thanks to the steady diet of American pop culture I grew up on.  I’ve always heard about this sweet pumpkin pie dessert, but I have never had it. We don’t really do sweet pumpkin stuff in Australia, it is always in savoury dishes.  Maybe it is to do with the different pumpkin varieties they have here?  The pumpkin here naturally tasted sweeter?

But anyway, pumpkin pie= awesome!  I loved it!  I’m totally going to make it again sometime soon, while the pumpkins are still in season and so tasty.

And check out the super cute Halloween napkins!

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