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While he may look absolutely gorgeous, this little bundle of fluff is usurping my rightful position as pack leader of the family home.  Pogo, as he is known, is our new family puppy, who is being treated as if he is human child by my mother, and who wasn’t particularly chuffed when I waltzed back in to Albury this weekend and started diverting attention away from his sooky sooky puppy eyes.

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While he was willing to treat me reasonably cordially (with a slight suspicion) as a guest in the house, his confusion began escalating when it looked like I wasn’t going home any time soon.  When I looked to be bunking in for the night, he decided to go in to sheep dog mode, barking and trying to herd me out of the house.

“Little puppy you will have to be a lot more convincing than that to make me leave,” I said.

We then stared each other down and he retreated, tail between his legs.

Puppy then decided to take on some stealth tactics, by removing my shoes and taking them to the backyard in the hope that would make me leave.  He was thwarted however when I bought the shoes back inside and put them in a high place.

Once again I warned “I am more experienced at this game than you little puppy.  I shall be victorious.”

Other tactics puppy used included;

-grab hold of the bottom of jeans with mouth and try and drag out of house

-run to mum as if I had done something mean, to try and get mum to throw me out

-starvation tactics, by trying to guilt me in to giving it any morsel of food I put near my mouth over the entire weekend

But puppy is reluctantly allowing me to stay in the house, with the occasional bark and growl if I get too close to my sister, my mum or our other dog.

I think we might just move beyond this tiff, and eventually become friends.

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