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My computer died. It was to be expected really. It had been on its deathbed for a while… it would randomly switch off when I was in the middle of something. It would be soooooo SLOW. Now it won’t turn on at all. So sad. I hope I get my photos and everything off it. I don’t know how I will considering it won’t turn on at all.

The worst part of all was that my application for a job, which was due in on Friday, was on there. An application I had worked on for ages and ages and ages. So I had to retype the whole thing at work on Friday morning (lucky I work with the lovliest most understanding people in the world who totally get that I felt the need to apply for this new job even though I am happy where I am and am in no hurry to leave etc etc). It was pretty crap. I was so tired and stressed and the whole ordeal upset me greatly. There were tears. To add to my sorrow, my iPod has also died. So has a plant I bought at the Norton St Festa in May or so… but that was also to be expected really.

But now I have a new computer! A shiny white macbook!!! I knew the other one was dying so I had been saving up, but I was going to wait until Leopard OS was released but it won’t be hard to upgrade anyway. I didn’t quite have enough money to pay for it all, so I got it on a 12 months interest free thingamabob.

It’s so easy to get credit. They hand it out like candy, and that’s a really bad thing. When I was working as a finance person at a major electrical retailer a few years ago I couldn’t believe the kinds of strife people were getting themselves in to, all in the name of fancy sofas and plasma TVs. At least my debt is very small and totally managable.

I’m still getting used to this new computer, but it’s so white and pretty and new. I love the smell of new computers, new ballet shoes (childhood memories… I ain’t bought any of those for a while) and new cars. And flowers. Materialistic whore? Me, never!

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