Quick cafe review: Reuben Hills, Surry Hills

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While in Sydney, it makes sense to get your hipster on. Today I went to Reuben Hills on Albion St in Surry Hills for brunch. It's very hip indeed — great design and interior, sort of industrial neon light ecclectic warehouse chic if I had to describe it? It's very popular, but since I was just brunching with my Kindle and not a big group I got a spot on the communal table pretty quickly. I didn't drink my usual coffee, but instead decided to try the cold filter coffee — it was nice but I kinda missed the milk, so that might make me a coffee wuss. But it was clearly good coffee. To eat, I had the soft baked eggs (pictured above) with spinach, goats curd and ranchero ($16). It was quite delicious, spicy eggy goaty goodness with delicious rye toast. I love baked eggs and I know they are pretty easy to make so I shouldn't buy them out… but then I can't resist. Since I felt like hanging around reading for longer, I also ordered a mango lassi. It tasted more like a mango smoothie than a lassi, so that wasn't a highlight… and it was super expensive ($8.50!). So that was a bit disappointing, even though it was served in the hipster beverage vessel of choice, a jar. But other than that, I enjoyed my hipster brunch.

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