Quite a workout


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The other day, when I was at my friendly local Fitness First gym, they were having some sort of crazy looking staff motivation session that looked a bit… pentecostal. A bit “Hillsong”. They were all dressed in white, running around squealing for free prizes or something.  It was rather cult-ish.  And I always have my suspicions about intense “gym people” anyway…

So when I saw a new exercise class on the schedule for Thursday called “Ascension of Jesus Christ”, I got really suspicious.  But then I remembered that it’s just a public holiday… that filled my heart with joy.  Praise the Lord, etc etc.

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  1. rima fauzi says:

    Damn. I thought it was really a work out involving someone who looks like Jesus teaching people to fly or something.. better if you have a video of that too!

    Thanks for visiting my blog, by the way, and linking me. I’ve linked you as well. Let us know of any other confusions you might have while living in indo.. 🙂