Raindrops keep fallin’ on my head… literally.


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Rain has been pouring down constantly for the past 24 hours in Sydney.  Heavy rain.  The wind smashes tree branches against windows, shakes my car when I drive down the slippery roads, turns my umbrella inside out and even had the gumption to try and steal my tea-cosy style beanie (which apparently makes me look like a gumnut baby) right off my head.  This bad weather (which looks set to continue for the whole long weekend) is annoying.

I have a mysterious leak in my bedroom ceiling… right above my bed.  Curiously this leak seems to vanish when I open my eyes and wake up, or try and find said leak.  It only leaks when I am trying to sleep.  It is only a few drips and drops every now and then, not a constant leak, but it really means that raindrops are literally falling on my head while I am in bed, and it’s annoying.

Argh the fire alarm is going off.  Any time someone uses the grill in our house, the fire alarm goes off.  There must be something caught down the back of it that burns or something.  That’s also annoying.

I have a long weekend stretched out in front of me… I have limited funds, thanks to not being paid until next week, limited options because of the weather, and limited entertainment inside the house.  Once I finish reading 1984 (which won’t take long, I’m nearly there) I will be out of options.  I have watched every DVD that interests me in the house already, and yeah.  I need to practice a bit of shorthand, do about an hour or so of cleaning, but that’s about it. Brunching with the ladies on Sunday, but everyone else is busy with university stuff or is away.

My internet is tooooooooo slow to properly enjoy YouTube clips or to bit torrent anything, so once I have read all my favourite blogs then I will be out of options.  I might try and learn a few more chords on the guitar tomorrow, but my patience with that is limited (I can currently play 6 chords, not in any sort of order or song like structure). I wish I had Foxtel… I could so do a weekend in bed with Australia/America/Whatever’s Next Top Model, people blowing out their budget on home renovation shows and reruns of the Simpsons.  Unfortunately, that would be living beyond my means I feel.  It’s almost enough to go home for… if I had any money to get down there.

I can’t even take photos or anything if this rain keeps up.  Grrr.

Even poor imprisoned Paris Hilton probably has more to do that I have at the moment.  Not that I’m being a princess or anything.  I just hate being trapped at home with nothing to do.

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