Random pics around Jakarta


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A couple of random pics from the weekend.  Who doesn't like a picture with no real context provided?  Woo!

These were taken from my taxi near Senayan (hence the blur).  There was a football (bola, my taxi driver said) match at the stadium there on the weekend, so there were lots of people wearing fluoro orange.



This one was taken in a shopping mall… the Jakarta Broadway Singers were belting out some tunes from the Sound of Music, which I have a soft spot for despite spending five days in Salzberg in Austria (got stranded due to bus and train timetable stuff ups) where the film was played ON LOOP and there was a choral convention and I was sharing the place with three other backpackers and 300 American schoolchildren WHO WOULD NOT STOP SINGING and they got angry when we turned off the Sound of Music for two hours to watch a very important World Cup soccer match. It was scary. The hills were alive with the sounds of 15-year-old girls fighting over the power plug in the bathroom so they could straighten their hair. Anyway…


2 Responses to " Random pics around Jakarta "

  1. nat says:

    Hey, this might seem a little strange but I found your blog through some of your old posts on the BOS website. Anyway, I see that you went to UTS for journalism (I’m in year 11) and I was hoping that maybe, possibly (please? 🙂 ) you might be able to give me some idea of what it’s like studying there.
    Thanks if you can help, and if not, consider this as my first and last attempt in making absolutely random contact with you. (Gotta love the internet right?)

  2. gadhogadho says:

    Yupp.. bola or sepak bola (which literally translated means kick ball).. 🙂
    These orange fans would come in droves to the stadium. Some in private transport while many on buses – on the roof of metro minis.