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On Monday night, I was sitting at my desk, getting ready to go to bed, when all of a sudden a dart of blackness scrabbled across the floor.  It could only mean one thing — rodent.

I hate rodents.  Especially knowing that here, the rodent is probably a dirty sewer rat carrying the plague or something.  All I could do was tweet.  There was nobody to help and nothing I could do!

I was going to share some of my tweets from the attack, but Twitter is being temperamental and I can't see them right now, but they were basically me screeching with horror at it scurrying up my curtains, running across my bedside table and darting in and out from under my bed, followed by a bout of homesickness, tears, trauma, extreme tiredness and eventual sleep in the foetal position wrapped up under a sheet to protect from the rat.

The following morning, dark circles under eyes, I asked in my horrific Indonesian if the security guard at my kost would set a trap.  He looked relatively excited at the prospect of actually having something to do…  he spends most of his day sitting and saying hello to us when we walk in and protecting us from non-existant threats, and when he is on the night shift he gives us jokingly judgemental mental looks when we come back late looking tipsy.  The pursuit of the tikus besar in the bule's room should have been the highlight of his week.

Tuesday night, I get home from work, and I thought, maybe, the room was now rat free.  But then… it darted out from under the armchair.  Sigh.

Once again slept in a cocoon.

The next morning, I asked the security guard whether he was going to catch the rat.

"I looked for it and couldn't see it.  I looked inside the wardrobe and it wasn't there."

Sigh.  I told him it runs behind the wardrobe, and could he please look again.

When I returned home tonight, security guard had clearly been at work.  In an attempt to thwart the rat, the guard had now pushed the wardrobe firmly against the wall.  The floor-to-ceiling window was also half open, maybe in an attempt to get it to go outside.  An interesting strategy, but one which means my room is now full of mosquitoes.

But luckily, tonight I returned prepared with the best (only) rat trapping device Giant Supermarket could provide.

Rat and Elephant trap

Let's take a look at that illustration a little more closely, shall we?

Rat and Elephant trap

This trap not only catches large mice.  It also catches small elephants.  I would love to have a small elephant running around my room!  How cute!

So while I can't vouch for its elephant catching properties, it did the trick for Mr Ratty.  It let out squeaks when it got stuck on the glue.  I almost felt bad.  But not really.

So tonight I shall sleep so well.  I hope there was only one of them in here….

2 Responses to " Rat attack "

  1. Erique says:

    Oh my goodness!! I couldn’t stop laughing when I read this post! Being an Indonesian, I’m familiar with lem cap gajah (obviously), but fortunately I’ve never had the privilege to use it (in Indonesia). What a nice blog BTW! Made me feel homesick…

  2. just ajeng says:

    “The pursuit of the tikus besar in the bule’s room should have been the highlight of his week.”hiahahahahah…..bule’s room right ash?hihi…
    i can relate to this issue.i mean BIG issue.rats everywhere.thats just disgusting.i also tried lem cap gajah.MANTAF!
    anw,i just found ur blog today,and it really amuses me!fun to read.love it.keep writing!