Razzle Frazzle


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Razzle Frazzle is the opposite of Razzle Dazzle. It’s when you look like you got dressed at 4am in the dark and it was really cold, so you just threw on as many layers as possible. Oh wait. That’s what I do.

It’s when you leave work at 9am and realize you’ve been wearing your cardigan inside out for the past four hours and nobody has said anything and you’ve communicated with at least 10 different people. Yep, that happened last week.

It’s when you try to say “Burma,” but end up saying “Myurma” because you can’t decide whether you should be calling it Myanmar or Burma in the present company. Did that one yesterday!  At a conference on the Asia-Pacific!  Smooth!

It’s when you end up having a microphone mishap at a very public forum filled with people who may employ you some day but who now may primarily remember you as the microphone fail girl at that China forum!

The incidence of Razzle Frazzle has been more frequent since starting my early morning seven day a week job.  So perhaps it is correlated with sleep deprivation. But it’s disconcerting.  I like to be organised. I’m also too young to be fondly regarded as an eccentric… it just makes me look ditzy. I also need an impressive job!  Oh god, I can’t go back to local newspapers, they are the trenches.  I had a dream where I was back covering neighborhood fence boundary disputes and it was terrifying.

Oh well, one more semester of sleep deprivation to go, I guess… let’s hope someone in this town is willing to take on a sleepy inside-out cardigan wearing graduate with an interest in the intersection of development policy and media communications so I don’t have to get up stupidly early for too much longer…  I’d be great if I didn’t have to be up before dawn every day and if I wasn’t kept awake by terror sweats over returning to the Murdoch local press, I promise!

Murdoch probably wouldn’t even take me back, I never learnt to hack phones at J-school!

2 Responses to " Razzle Frazzle "

  1. heather says:

    1. Could’ve been worse. One of the downsides of working in an office with only men = you come back from the toilet with your cardigan tucked into your knickers and no one tells you at all until you realise yourself at lunch time.

    2. Well Myanmar and Burma come from the same root word that sounds something like “Byeerma”, so you were just being totes authentic lol. My CSC taught me that.

  2. Ash says:

    haha Heb. I might just call it Myurma all the time now, so it becomes a thing. Two names rolled into one…