Ready to eat my way through Georgetown

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I arrived in Georgetown, on Malaysia’s Penang island, today, very sleep deprived after a super early flight. I’m mostly here for the food, which if its anything like its southern counterpart Melaka, will be AMAZING. Today I only managed to eat mamak, or Indian-Muslim, food, because I’m staying near Georgetown’s Little India.

The dish of chicken curry and vegetables above is from Kassim Mustafa resto and it was really delicious.  Earlier in the day, I ate some delicious chicken tikka on a beautiful fluffy naan from the nearby Kapitan restaurant, along with a fresh lime juice.

I was lazy with the photos today, but will try and be a better blogger in the next few days.  Keen to chase down some asam laksa, curry mie and dim sum on the street tomorrow, as well as get to some of the gorgeous houses of worship around town.  And I really need to do some writing.  But I’m really not feeling the mojo.

One Response to " Ready to eat my way through Georgetown "

  1. Brittany says:

    OMG! Curse you having such yummy food pictures on your blog, before my lunch break. My tastebuds are so incredibly jealous.