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It’s been more than one year now since I came back to Canberra! It has gone super quickly. I’m feeling quite happy and settled, which is nice. Sure, the Can still annoys me sometimes, but my overall feelings toward the place are positive, largely thanks to the many wonderful people I know here.

Given that this is the first time I have spent more than a year in one place since Jakarta Stint 1 (2008-2010), it’s quite a nice and unusual feeling to not be thinking about the next move and just living in the moment.

2 Responses to " Returnaversary "

  1. Birdbase says:

    We just love Canberra too. We only just went back for a visit with family. The highlights were definitely the War Memorial, Canberra Glassworks (where you can watch free live glass blowing classes) and of course Mount Ainslie to which you can travel all the way to the top and take in the views of most of canberra. What a hidden gem and underestimated city Canberra is. We have a Facebook page (birdbaseworld) and we dedicated a whole week to Canberra highlights just recently. It’s a must see place for local and international travellers.

  2. Katie Wills says:

    Hi, I quite chanced upon your blog today while searching on some substantial travel blogs before my impending Australia trip. I loved the way you have taken the trouble to document your tripping experiences. Definitely looking forward to hearing more from you about your experiences of living in Indonesia. 🙂