Rise and shine


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It was a pretty gorgeous morning by the lake today. I should make more of an effort to get up early and go down there for walks. The sun is already rising later than it used to, so time is running out before wintriness sets in.

I also need to make the effort to take more photos. The camera phone on my new iPhone is much better than the old one. But I’m thinking I should practice more because I enjoy it and I think I haven’t really improved my skills at all in a while.


Much #canberra love this morning. I should get up early more often.IMG_1735

There was also a gorgeous sunset last night when I was walking back to Civic after work (well… after after work drinks).


One Response to " Rise and shine "

  1. Steve says:

    Great photos. They look as if they were taken using an SLR such is the quality 🙂