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Last night we had a fabulous dinner party at my friend Heather’s house (part birthday thing, part "I can’t believe we haven’t caught up in so long" thing) and among the many humorous and insightful topics of conversation, we managed to end up discussing The Babysitters Club book series.

What do kids read these days?  It seems like the Babysitters are no longer the hipsters that they were back in the early to mid 90’s. Kids these days seem more interested in fantasy (thanks Harry).  Back in my day, we were more concerned with reality.  Because it’s clearly a very realistic possibility that parents would actually hire 13 year olds to look after their children.

Heather informed me that there is a Babysitters Club blog, which is quite hilarious. It is definately worth a visit for anyone who grew up reading the series, and now wants to reminisce with a cynical eye.  The blog reviews the books, including the cover art, with a good dose of skepticism.

The fashions are probably one of the funniest things about it all.  Where have all the legwarmers and paisley print stirrups gone?  And who could get away with wearing a mens shirt under a tapestry vest with turquoise cords on a date these days?

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