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Savoury scones from the famous Beechworth Bakery’s Albury store ($2.90… very delicious!).  We also had a piece of bright red Jelly slice, straight from childhood birthday parties.  It was like the bakery had directly imported it from the 80’s.

I didn’t end up getting the time to go down to the pretty colonial-era goldrush town of Beechworth, about an hour outside of Albury, to have scones or pies at the bakery proper during this stay (or get lollies from the great olde-style sweet store right next to the bakery), but thankfully their Albury store is just as yummy.

What better place to enjoy some scones than down by the Murray River in Albury, the scene for so many of those sugar fueled childhood birthday parties?  The Oddies Creek Off-Leash Park is one of Pogo (our fluffy silly dog)’s favourite places in town.

But like most of our family though, when there is food around, Pogo isn’t interested in exercise.

Pogo wanting scone

He has very poor table manners.  At home, he knows he’s not allowed on the table, but he didn’t feel those rules applied at the park.

Pogo jumping

This jumping style is how he got his name of Pogo. (The park is partially sealed off in the background because they are building a new playground area)

Once the scones were gone, he finally decided it was time to have a run.  He’s a scaredy dog though and will only play with puppies his own size.  If there’s a big dog, he won’t stray far from his sisters.

Pogo and Britt

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