Shoutouts to Princess Di


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Out of boredom and procrastination (shorthand study… but I passed!  I got 50 wpm!  Woo hoo!) I flicked on the tribute to Diana concert the other night.  I didn’t watch much, because it was making me London-sick to see Wembley Stadium (which is near where I went to uni over there, I could see it from my kitchen), but there were a couple of golden moments.

The first was the Princes William and Harry trying to be cool.  They are so not cool.  They are complete dags.  But nobody cares cos they are fairly good looking and really rich.  Watching them try and bust out moves to Nelly Furtado was quite funny.  But endearing at the same time, because lets face it, most people aren’t ‘cool’.  And look like complete dags when dancing.

The second golden moment for me was when one of the artists said thanks to MCs Willie-yo-yo and Hazza for organising the event, and the camera showed the princes… and Harry was clapping.  William then clearly turned to Harry and said "You shouldn’t clap yourself!".  Hazza then stopped clapping and looked embarassed.  Gold.

Haha, one of Diana’s favourite bands was apparently Duran Duran.  How comical.

I actually missed the greatest moment of the night, and that was P. Diddy’s shoutout to Diana.  Read about it here and here.  So very lame.

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