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Three funny things I saw in Singapore.



Would you like your family jewels well hung?  Well, visit the House of Hung Jeweler!

I know, I have a dirty, immature mind.

Maybe you want to look super hot in your passport photo.  This place had two banners outside showing just how hot you could look if you step inside for your passport needs:



There’s a few things I have to say about these.  Number one, in reference to picture one,  who walks in and asks for a passport photo with a faux mountain backdrop… I mean, maybe it’s to accentuate the Farrah Fauwcett flicks in his hair?  I didn’t know it was allowed!  But… hang on a second… *squints*… is that Adolf Hitler wearing a wig, letting his moustache grow out?

And in reference to picture number two, I love that this person has bought in four different color suit jackets for his passport photograph… or wait a minute!  Has he?

The first three pictures seem to be identical except for the suit jacket (and the mysterious white background on picture two)… could these photos have been digitally altered to make this man appear to own more suits than he possibly does?  Just when I was admiring this stern man for owning a teal, plaid and pinkish-red suit jacket, my whole perception of reality has been rocked by the discovery that these images may be digitally altered!  Disappointing!

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