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Hawker Center, Singapore

One of the best things about Singapore is the food.  The hawker centres offer such a great variety, the cultural fusion of Singapore’s inhabitants mean you can get some pretty special nosh for a pretty good price.  I was back in Singapore again for another visa run (hopefully the last for quite some time), and I spent the weekend gorging myself on Singaporean delights like Hainese Chicken Rice, Laksa, BBQ Pork Buns and more.

One of the things I tried that I didn’t get a chance to try last time was Fried Carrot Cake.  It comes in two varieties, white or black.  I went with the sweet black kind, which was all manner of wonderful. The main ingredient is white radish, which is known as white carrot in Singapore, hence the name. White radish is pretty awesome, I have had it before at a vegan restaurant in Sydney.  It has a reall robust taste, especially when fried.

hawker food, singapore

Some of the hawker food around is pretty crazy, especially some of the sweet stuff.  Because I am an adventurous sort, I was at a dessert stand at one of the hawker centers and decided to go for the weirdest dessert on the menu.

Peanut and Corn Sweet Ice.

All the other ices were fruit flavoured.  But no, that’s boring.

hawker food, singapore

Despite looking a bit like vomit on ice (some might argue that’s the same as Disney on Ice), it actually wasn’t bad at all.  It just tasted like sweet peanut, with chunks of corn, on ice.  A bit weird, but not unpleasant.  Down the bottom there were bits of jelly and sweet red kidney beans.

satay street, singapore

One of the other hawker places I found myself at was satay street.  I didn’t eat any, because satay is pretty run of the mill in Indonesia so I was focusing more on the food you can’t get as readily here, but it was interesting.  The stalls along the street only sold satay, so of course, the competition was fierce.  Which meant the hawkers weren’t going to let you walk peacefully down the street.  And they didn’t stick with the polite Indonesian “hello misses” either.

satay street, singapore

“Hello sexy, come here to eat, I will find you a beautiful boy to sit with you.”

“Where are you from?  I know exactly how to make satay that Australians will like.”

“You are walking away?  You are breaking my heart!” (complete with mime of heart being ripped from chest).

Intense but comical.

satay street, singapore

2 Responses to " Singapore: Hawker Love "

  1. Heather says:

    “Hello sexy, come here to eat, I will find you a beautiful boy to sit with you.”
    HAHA! Satay pimps!

  2. You have a way with words. Excellent work!