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I’m currently doing a short photography course at Eastern Suburbs Community College, to get my head properly around all that basic stuff like aperture, f stops etc.

Here are a few pics I took today using manual mode (wooo hoo finally understanding it properly) around Bondi and at The Gap. Click for bigger… I found the Bondi Road sunbaker quite hilarious.

Bondi Road sunbaker Flowers for you

Plastic fantastic Tourist at The Gap

At The Gap

I think next week we are going to shoot at Sculpture by the Sea, which should be nice.

It’s a pretty alright course, but as with all community college type courses, there is always one person in there so completely baffled by technology you wonder if they know how to turn on a light switch or open a fridge. And always someone who continually asks questions about things that we answered 5 minutes earlier. Of course, there is then always a person that has to try really hard not to roll their eyes at some of the ridiculous questions or comments made, and who can’t resist the geekgrrl urge to answer every question, but doesn’t want to seem too overbearing, so tries to strike an equlibrium by keeping quiet sometimes. That person would be me.

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