Snappin’ and strollin’ round Newtown


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I went for a walk to Newtown today, via Stanmore and Enmore.  It was a lovely day.  Nice and sunny.  I took a few photos on the way.

One person’s graffiti is another’s art.  This is a shot of graffiti on a corugated iron fence, taken from a rather interesting angle.

Graffiti in Newtown

More graffiti, this time of a government-sponsored-youth-off-the-streets project type.

Sydney Graffiti- in Newtown

I found a really manky and gross playground on my walk.  It faced on to the railway tracks, and only had this seasaw…

Playground in Newtown

…and this jiggle truck contraption…

Playground in Newtown

and a couple of seedy benches.  And a spazzy bubbler that sprayed water all over my clothes.  It looked more like a junkies retreat than a place for children.  It was a pretty sinister looking playground.  And there was graffiti everywhere.  And the grass was all dying.  Nice.

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