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I don’t understand why I (and a large percentage of the Western world) have such a fascination with Ikea.  But there is just something about that place… I found myself out Rhodes way this evening and convinced myself that I needed to purchase more containers to transport my lunch to and from work in.  So into Ikea I delved, fully aware that like on all other trips to the blue and yellow warehouse, I would emerge with many items that I do not actually need.

It is impossible to go to Ikea and stick solely to buying the items that you intended to buy.  The purpose of my mission this evening was to buy some plastic containers.  I was also allowed to buy a new doona cover (as long as it was cheap) because I have two doonas of different sizes, and only one cover to fit the larger one, which doesn’t work with our wash cycle (either the cover would be stinky or I would have to be cold), especially since we don’t have a dryer.

Anyway, so I got the containers, and I got a doona cover for $20 (which included 4 pillow cases).  It is a funny yellow and white pattern, but I was like, whatevs, it’s cheap and cheerful enough.

But of course, I didn’t stop there.  I also purchased;

1. Numerous small bowls, priced at 85 cents each.  I can justify this one, because I was buying them for my dad, who after reading the work of a certain influential blogger (see below) decided that he might also like to sell coffee in bowls.

2. A massive stoneware coffee cup thing.  It’s huge, about the size of a small milkshake container.  I don’t know why I bought it.  I think I justified it to myself by saying that because it was microwavable I could use it to heat up soup and then drink the soup straight out of the massive cup and it would be great and it would vastly improve my quality of life.  It was only $2, so no big deal.

3. A colourful scrubber that has a suction cap so it sticks to things.  Once again around the $2 mark. I bought this because our other scrubber smells funny and I think the bacteria living in it is starting a civilisation that may put up a candidate in the Federal election or something (could be a positive, who knows).  I also bought it because it is the same as the one I had when I was in London and I was all like ‘awww warm fuzzy memories’ or something.

4. A new powerboard with heaps of sockets.  This is useful for plugging more of my electronic things in to, because I only have one power outlet in my room.

5. Two new pillowcovers for my two European sized pillows.  Because I realised that the wash cycle thing also affected them.  And it would be a complete drama to sleep with two less pillows for a night or something.

To be honest, this was one of my better efforts at restraining myself at Ikea.  I successfully talked myself out of buying more of the patterned cardboard storage boxes that fit perfectly under my Ikea bed (they are so handy!)  I lose all powers of reason once I enter Ikea.  I have even been known to eat their shit food!  I don’t understand why I feel so compelled to buy stuff there, especially when I know there is nothing unique about any of it and millions of other homes around the world are decked out with the same weirdly named furniture, budget bedding and suction capped dish scrubbers as my house.  It is soooooo unbelievably mass produced… when I was in London I bought the exact same kitchen items that I have bought here in Sydney.  But it is cheap.  And cheerful.  And useful.  And like a kid in a candy store, I just can’t resist!  I really don’t get it, I’m normally a reasonable person!

At least on a Thursday night it was peaceful in there.  On the weekends it is full of young power couples getting supplies to deck out their homes, pushing the thoughts of interest rate rises to the back of their minds.  The place is always full of crazy children on weekends, running around, climbing on everything, and continually getting in the way.  Or having loud tantrums where their screams reverberate through the concrete warehouse pick up zone.

Anyway, while we are on the subject of all things blue and yellow, I thought I would share this link to a cool Ikea-related blog that I stumbled upon.  Ikea Hacker shows you how to make Ikea furniture unique and funky, and how to ‘hack’ it so it works for you.  There are some cool hacks on there, which go against the idea that Ikea is bland conformist furniture… they show how you can use the basic structures to essentially build your own unique items of furniture.  It’s a really cool DIY blog with a strong concept and design.

And it gives me many more reasons to be irrational at Ikea… maybe I should go back there soon, those boxes really are handy, I should have bought them…

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  1. hevva says:

    Oh Ash, I love you blog. I keep forgetting how great it is. Except when photos of my moronic self are prominently displayed.
    I totes know what you mean with Ikea. Luckily I’ve not yet had the setting-up-house experience, so I haven’t faced that much temptation. But as soon as I move out, I’m going to go crazy in that place. It sucks that you have to go all the way to Rhodes now though. There was some talk at one point about moving the Moore Park store to Marrickville, but it never happened. Which is probably for the best, because I don’t know if I could have resisted the lure of flatpack furniture, if it were so close.