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So….. I’ve been having some fun with a couple of canvasses I had and some paint.  I am really awful at creating things that actually resemble something else (that’s what photography is for), so it’s all "abstract".  These are a couple I did a few weekends ago… I have a big canvas sitting in my room that I am trying to decide what to do with as well, these are on small ones.  They are nothing special, but they add a bit of colour to my room.

My art

My art

Nothing special, and the colours have shown up a bit funny on the red one.  I need photoshop so bad!  I’m living without it at the moment.

And here’s a random pic of this leadlight thing my housemate has… no reason, just thought it looked cool.  And it’s colourful.  And I love colourful stuff.

Stained glass

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  1. Louise says:

    Hey there, thanks for commenting on my blog – you are the first 😀
    Love your paintings – especially the first one, I am jealous cause I can’t paint at all!
    Yeah journalism is hard to get into – just gotta keep sucking up I guess.
    My camera is a little digi Olympus FE110 – it works okay but I would like to upgrade one of these days when I have a spare dollar or two.
    Your photo’s are really lovely! Are you interested in photography? What camera do you use?
    Thanks again for saying hello,