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I’m trying to find new music, because listening to it is one of the only things I can really do sometimes at the moment. I’m mostly finding pop, because I guess I need cheering up. My car radio/CD player doesn’t work, and I tend to listen to Radio National these days so I’m not exactly picking up sick new beats as much as I used to. Sometimes I find stuff through Spotify, but when I was young (!!) and in Sydney I used to go to live gigs all the time and it was so great, I miss that. But I haven’t really been doing the whole ‘engaging with new music’ thing for a while. I felt so super old when I barely knew any of the songs on the Triple J Hottest 100 this year. I think that’s an official hallmark of getting old. Apparently, on average you stop listening to new music at 33, so I only have a couple of years left to widen out the collection. (… which raises the question, will I still be grooving in the kitchen to Beyonce when I’m 70? I hope so.)

This is my favourite song at the moment — I am a huge Belle & Sebastian fan from way back, and this (Nobody’s Empire) is my favourite from their latest album (the whole album is great, it is called Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance). I started liking the song and playing it a lot, not thinking too much about the lyrics, and then I found out from reading an article in The Guardian that the song is actually about the lead singer Stuart Murdoch’s long battle with ME/CFS. Interesting coincidence. I can’t pick a ‘favourite ever’ B&S song, but this one is definitely up there (other  favourites are Dress Up in You, basically the whole Tigermilk album, Like Dylan in the Movies, I want the world to stop, Lazy Line Painter Jane, Get me away from here I’m dying, ok there’s heaps more I’ll just stop now). I was a bit sad because Belle and Sebastian played some gigs in Sydney earlier this year and I would have loved to go, but a trip up to Sydney for a weeknight concert seemed way too tiring, like something that would end up leading to several days of sick backlash. 🙁 Camera Obscura is also a long-time favourite band… all a bit twee I know!

I also love Sia’s Elastic Heart… I think the video clip is amazing as well.

Even though this isn’t a new song, I recently re-found Solange’s Losing You in my Spotify and have been playing it a bit.

I like Major Lazer’s new single, which features Mø  (I was playing her cover of the Spice Girls  and Don’t Wanna Dance last year a fair bit).

For pure pop, I was playing this Ellie Goulding song when out on walks before getting sick. It was one of the tracks for the Body Pump class I was going to each week.

I am also a bit of a fan of Jessie J, Arian Grande and Nicki Minaj’s Bang Bang — it’s just a fun song. I really feel like I shouldn’t like it because I am not huge fans of any of them really and it is so Top 40…. but it is catchy.

And then, of course, there’s Bey, for dramatic kitchen karaoke.

It doesn’t hurt that she samples one of my favourite authors, Chimanda Ngozi Adichie.

And my favourite Spotify lists are one with all the songs from HBO’s Girls (link here), this Mad Men playlist if I want to feel a bit retro (link), and Rise and Shine Indie (link).

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