Somebody’s been cooking up a storm…

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Eat Me- Anzac Biscuits

Today was really stormy.  So while the thunder and lightning boomed and banged outside, I decided to crash around the kitchen and make the perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea… Anzac biscuits.

It’s a timely recipe as well really, considering that it’s only a fortnight until Anzac Day.


I had lots of fun playing around taking photos of them as well, because biscuits are one of those delightful foods that are really easy to shoot because they don’t go cold/get messy/fall apart/melt etc.  So you can stuff around for ages (who said you shouldn’t play with your food?).

Anyway, I used this recipe from my adored site


I must say, they are quite yummy, and my housemate and her boy seemed to agree.  They are quite a buttery Anzac (though I must admit I did measure the butter quite roughly, but I think I had it close to the amount they said), and subtly sweet, but not too sugary.   They are nice and soft, not super crunchy Anzacs like some.

And they were perfect with tea…

Tea and Anzac Biscuits

Have I won the world record for the most photos of Anzac Biscuits in one blog post?  Quite possibly… I am a bit obsessed.  I normally always go for higher saturation photos, but today I went the other way and was all de-saturating everything.  Maybe it’s the rainy weather…

Anyway, while I was cooking, I was thinking about how my three fav celeb chefs (Gordon Ramsey, Nigella and Jamie Oliver) would rate my culinary skill today (possibly poorly, but let’s pretend not…)

Nigella: (her children frolic by the seaside as she shimmies out with a plate of biscuits and a tea set on a tray… they run over, and there’s all these blurred hands grabbing biscuits and then Nigella eats a biscuit with her bright red lips, crumbs falling into her ample bosom as she does so) I absolutely adore these biscuits, they are so simple to make, and the texture is *insert unintelligable gobbledygook here, with lots of big words not normally used to describe food*.

Jamie: I luv a good bis-kit and these ones have got oats in them, which is good for you too. And it’s so easy to make, you just put in a bit of this and that an’ mix it about a bit and stick ’em in the oven yeah, it’s that simple, right. (Jamie then tries to palm the biscuits off to unappreciative school children who just want fried pork sticks.  He then goes on a crusade, and helps some homeless kids along the way too.) 

Gordon: What the f$%k do you think you are f$%king doing you absolute f%^king twat!  Who the f&%k do you think I f&%king am? Anzac f*^king biscuits? What is this, 19-f&$king-50? Get with the f&%king program, this is 2000 and f&%king 8 for gods sake! (Gordon then storms out, does a face to face with the camera about how shit I am, declares this is "the most difficult challenge I have faced yet", then comes in to turn my culinary and business management skills around with a firm hand, warm heart and more swear words than a chorus of drunken sailors could muster).

Huey would have added more butter and more sugar.  And all the ingredients would have been from Bi-Lo.  And if it was Ready, Steady, Cook (or Ready, Steady, Twat as Gordon likes to call it), these biscuits would have had asparagus sauce or chunks of mango in them.

4 Responses to " Somebody’s been cooking up a storm… "

  1. Heather says:

    Ho ho ho. Of course don’t forget the ole ‘Gel would be shot from the waist up, as she’s allegedly got a horse-bottom now. I love Gordon’s earnest confessionals when he’s freaking out about how busy the kitchen/restaurant is and how “this night is make or break” yet he still has time to run outside and bitch to the camera for 5 minutes. I LOVE YOU CHEF

  2. Sophie says:

    That’s possibly the funniest thing I’ve read this month. I Love CHEF RAMSEY! We should catch up soon/bake sometime!

  3. Ash says:

    Ramsey rocks!

  4. Linda says:

    Taste is a life saver for me. If I have something I want to cook with I mostly will find the recipe I want and it turns out right, maybe with a bit of tweaking, but always delicious. I checked out the Anzacs. We are using our own recipe, haven’t compared the two.