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Sorry the blog has kind of been neglected once again.

I think I have so many different things I want to write about that I can't get my head around where to start.

I've also been a bit doom and gloom since being sick and having a large amount of things screw up (losing my mobile phone, my internet being down for days, my microwave shorting out the flat, my cooktop not working, me not having very good language skills making this hard to fix, airline websites, airlines and telephones mucking up meaning my hastily planned trip to Sumatra for Idul Fitri isn't happening, not being able to find where to get my clothes washed) so I've been hesitant to blog because we all know I'm cheeky at the best of times and down right bitchy when I'm pissed off about things, so I didn't want to blog out my vitriol and make posts about Jakarta that would probably have been unfairly harsh.

I've got quite an impulsive personality, and when I decide I'm going to do something, I usually put in place steps to make sure it happens swiftly and then off we go.  For example, moving to Jakarta in under a month. But it seems like organising things in Indonesia will take a little more forward planning than I am used to.

But I've been swimming (swimming laps is like my yoga at the moment, the pool rocks my world) and my eyes are burning from the intense chlorine hit but I am calming down and am resolved to make the best of my Idul Fitri break regardless of all the f*ck ups.

I guess Sumatra is going to be there for a while.  Next time.

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