South Coast Holiday- Part 2- Some snaps


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Some pictures from our Aussie Day weekend trip to Broulee Beach and surrounds.

Broulee shops

Broulee’s bottlo, grocer and petrol pump.  It’s a small little place.

Broulee Beach

To get to the beach from our holiday house, we just had to walk over the sand dunes.

Broulee Beach

Sprawled out on the beach.

Salt and Pepper shakers

Kitsch salt and pepper shakers in the nearby town of Mogo, in a cute antiques shop.  There are loads of them there.

Antique shop

Antique shop in Mogo

Broulee Beach

On Broulee Beach

In Mogo

In Mogo.

Through the wire door, Broulee Beach

At our holiday house, through the quintessential holiday house wire door.


Chillaxing at the holiday home.


OJ is A-OK at our Devonshire tea stop in Berry.  The scones weren’t amazing though.  All the posse can bake better ones… because we just kick ass at most things.

There’s so many more photos, but I will try and stop boring you now.

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