South Coast Holiday- Part 3- The best game ever


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Another little tale from our South Coast holiday on the Australia Day weekend.

In our little holiday house in Broulee, we found a very ancient book of children’s party games.  After a few drinks, we decided they might be fun to play.  That is when we found the BEST PARTY GAME EVER.

Best game ever...

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Best game ever... (Pt 2)

Our immature and Pimms-adled minds though this was hilariously funny.  It is made even more hilarious due to that fact that after the players declare "I am the King of the Cocks and I want to fight you", they must both squat down into a position which makes it look like they are taking a dump.

We had a round robin King of the Cocks battle in the front yard right then and there.  But when we took this game to the shallows of Broulee Beach the next day, it drew many a strange look from the holidaying families around us.

The party game book also held other delights, including a game called "Stool of Repentance", where one child/intoxicated 20-something leaves the room, and the others each say something (in our game, something bitchy or completely nonsensical) about the person.  This person then comes back and guesses which person has said what thing.  It’s the best way to anonymously tease small children and to pay out your friends.  Great idea game book author!

Another game was titled "Smells", and basically involved smelling things and figuring out what they were.  My brother’s room would provide some interesting scents for this.

I think these books were written back in the time when "gay" meant happy instead of "politically marginalised minority group"… and when kids were happy to sniff mystery objects instead of glue.  How very quaint.

2 Responses to " South Coast Holiday- Part 3- The best game ever "

  1. Belle says:

    Where were you ranked in the royal lineage of Cockdom?

  2. Ashlee says:

    Not very highly, unfortunately… which earns one the title of “cock sucker”. But I was scribe for “Stool of Repentance” and wrote everything in Teeline shorthand to ensure nobody cheated.