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Some photos taken on our journey to Taman Safari in Bogor.  Sorry about the mix of black and white, normal colour and super colour, I was being indecisive… most of these were taken from the car… at least macet (traffic jams) are good for something.


My favourite photo of the day… a kid selling us bananas and carrots to feed to the animals at the Safari Park.  The bananas were pretty yummy, we ate a lot of them ourselves!  The whole road leading up to the zoo was yellow and orange with banana and carrot sellers, and most of the stalls were manned by children.  There’s something about the look on his face in this photo that gets to me…

More street shots:










There were goats out and about everywhere this weekend, but there won’t be today, because today is Idul Adha, the Muslim holiday where goats get the chop, then everyone has a big meal of them…

Non-sacrificial animal photos to come later…

3 Responses to " Street life… "

  1. Patung says:

    You take very nice photos, I’m jealous, I’m a clutz with a camera, but it’s your job isn’t it, makes sense then. That young woman standing by the motorbike, is she glaring at you? 🙂

  2. Ashlee says:

    Thanks! Hmm it’s not really my job, it’s always been something that’s just hung on to the side of working as a print journalist, but I do love it. That girl wasn’t looking at me at all, she was just looking off in to the distance, waiting for someone who was in the shop. It does kind of look like she is giving me an evil eye though!

  3. Tilda says:

    Your photos are just so frikken good!