Strung along for a buck


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The monkeys on strings in Jakarta that street buskers use to try and make a buck make me sad when I see them. They are always on chains, doing tricks for rupiah, and they always look so sickly and dirty. Almost like giant rats sometimes. This one was particularly freaky, because it was putting on the face of a toy doll to entertain people stuck in a traffic jam somewhere on the way to Kebayoran. I snapped it out of the taxi window on my little camera. Animal cruelty, anyone?

It makes me want to get all righteous about the people that exploit the monkeys.  But then, the people themselves aren't in a much better predicament… they are just trying to make enough money to get by.

Also, check out how close the bajaj is to the bus in front of it… that's the way Jakarta rolls… bumper to bumper isn't just an expression…

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  1. Trish says:

    To me, the saddest ones are the little kids trying to make money with a monkey on a chain. Two kinds of exploitation for the price of one! “The shit flows downhill” is another expression that is amply illustrated here in The Jak …