Stupid shoes!


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In Singapore, I bought a cute pair of canvas ballet flats for $10 from Cotton On. Being an Australian chain store, I assumed it would reliably sell me a dodgy product made in China that would only last a few wears.  How wrong I was!

Broken red shoes

This time, it sold me a product that only lasted 10 minutes!!! One of the shoes just split open at the front when I was standing on the escalator at Plaza Semanggi! And they fitted pretty well, I wasn't trying to stretch them or anything.

 My (male and hence not knowledgeable about cute shoes) colleague said "that's what you get for buying shoes made of picnic rugs or tablecloths".

But it was canvas!!! You can make tents and eco shopping bags out of canvas!!!!

Annoyed. But how sharp is that lens??? Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

PPS. I'm seriously considering the move to a wordpress platform due to the limitations and expense of Typepad. Anyone got any amazing theme/layout suggestions for me? I'm looking for a clean theme that prioritizes both images and text… at the moment, most only seem to focus on one or the other. I want the happy medium!  But I have decide soon cos my Typepad subscription is up for renewal in May.  Hard decision to make though!

2 Responses to " Stupid shoes! "

  1. Eric says:

    Poor shoes.
    I believe there are plenty of WordPress themes out there. Most are average at best, but some are really good. I also have the same problem a few years ago and, when I couldn’t find a good one, I make my own theme. It took me almost 4 years to come up with my current design, but I’m satisfied.
    You can use my theme if you’re interested, but it needs some code-tweaking.

  2. Heather says:

    How bad is it that my first thought was “ooh, cute shoes! I wonder if they have them in the Australian Cotton On stores…?”
    Also loving your sleazy lens appreciation. That’s right baby…stay nice and sharp for me….that’s the stuff.