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Sunset in Bandung, December ’08

Is shooting photos in the same style about you not being creative, or about doing what works for you?

Sometimes I wonder if I should treat my photos differently.  Try working with them differently… actually using Photoshop (I actually use mostly iPhoto just to play with color/contrast/exposure a bit on my pics and then that’s it), try desaturating instead of a color-boom approach I usually take.

I look around and see all these beautiful blogs shooting in a vintage-style, and I really love the lomo/Holga look.  Sometimes I play around a little with that.



Two pics from the road back from Bandung, December ’08

But yeah, that’s not my usual style.  I think I need to be a bit more creative with my pics and definitely need to learn more about digital post-production techniques as well.

But then, I am still fairly happy with most of them.  I dunno.  But I really need more technical skills.  I mean, iPhoto?  haha.  I kinda hate iPhoto as an organisational tool anyway.  I can use Photoshop, but I am a bit lazy with practicing and learning new techniques on it… and finding the time…

I’d really like to improve my portraits and learn more about lighting and working with flash as well.

Anyone got any recommendations?

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  1. megan says:

    I think your photos are wonderful the way they are – like the ones from your Chinese New Year in Jakarta post.
    While I love the whimsy, vintage-esque, light-filled photos you can get with a bit of PP in photoshop, it’s easy to get carried away and use too much of it (I say this from personal experience!). There’s a fine line between enhancing a photo that’s already a winner, and making it look fake.
    I think more important is composition, and whether or not a photograph tells a story – and yours do! That’s one of my photographic goals for this year – think more about what my photos are saying, rather than just snapping off random shots and tweaking them to look pretty. Especially as lots of my shots are travel photos.
    Just my 2c 🙂