Sunday morning


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Sunday morning Sunday morning

Sunday morning Sunday morning

I’m trapped in my room on a Sunday morning. Bumming around because my housemate had a party last night and there are people downstairs and I’m trying to gather the courage to frump down there in my pyjamas to have breakfast. So I took some photos. Did some naval gazing. And I’m enjoying listening to this hilarious song called ‘I’ll kill her’ by Soko… it’s this great little irrational song sung with a gorgeous French accent about a girl going to kill another girl for going out with her crush. So cute!

Last night (to avoid the party… I’m so antisocial) I went to the cinema with my other housemate and her friend and we saw the film ‘Death at a Funeral’. It was sooooo funny. I haven’t laughed that hard at a film for a long time, the whole cinema was laughing hysterically the whole way through, despite it being a bit of an uptight Leichhardt cultural crowd. Highly recommended.

Grrr I want breakfast. And the bathroom. I’m going to have to go downstairs soon.

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