Sydney… see you later alligator.


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Random Sydney shots
Random Sydney shots

So, I'm sitting at home, completely organised (I believe so anyway), waiting for an appropriate time to call a cab to the airport and twiddling my thumbs.

It's been a crazy few weeks getting to this point, but crazy is also exciting and I'm very excited about what awaits me in Jakarta.

I've had some lovely farewells over the last few days… but farewells are hard so I've preferred to take the "see you later approach".  A boozy night last Saturday dancing to Britpop, a boozy night on Thursday with my Village Voice work family (ex-work now), breakfast with my brother and uncle this morning, lunch with the gorgeous Soph (mmm pancakes… took these pics of the city on the ferry home) and dinner with my posse of hot mammas at a Mexican restaurant where the sangria and margaritas were flowing.  As well as many a text message from beautiful people wishing me well.

Leaving makes you feel so lucky.  Not only are you lucky to be going on to new and exciting opportunities, you also realise just how lucky you are to have so many amazing people in your life who are hard to leave behind.  People who encourage you to be yourself, people who support you chasing your dreams, people who give you embarassing nicknames like "Trashlee" and "Pashlee", people who have bankrolled a fair few of your adventures (hi mum and dad…) and people who are just damn fun to be around and who you know will always be friends no matter what far flung place you decide to relocate to.

So I feel very lucky today.  I don't carry a good luck charm with me when I go travelling because, firstly I'm not a superstisous nutbag, and secondly, who couldn't be lucky with all of you in my heart?

Love you all xxx

Enough mush, I have a plane to catch.


Random Sydney shots

(Taken on my new point and shoot that my beautiful work people got me.  No, the scissors aren't going in the hand luggage.  Yes, expecting to be slugged with huge excess baggage fees. Blurry because I turned off the flash and it was too dark.  But the camera is amazing!)

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